Social Media Success for the Solo-Preneur

Connecting, and I mean really connecting with people doesn’t have to take a ton of time, when you are concentrated and strategic. Can you connect with everyone? Absolutely not! But, you CAN focus on a targeted group of people who are potential prospects, collaborators and partners. I call these people my Champions and Advocates!

Here is a short list of powerful ways YOU can connect with those people.

One other important item to note about this list – you won’t be able to use the same tactic with everyone. Sometimes a multi-media approach is the best one to have maximum impact!

Ways to grow your business relationships “Socially”.

1.     Blog – Comment on their blog. As a blog writer myself, sometimes if feels as if we are writing to no one, right? Take a few moments to read their blog and write a thoughtful (even if that’s short) response.

2.     Blog – Share their blog post. If their topic is relevant to your audience, sharing their blog post is a wonderful way to encourage and acknowledge your connection.

3.     Blog – Offer to trade guest blog posts – if applicable. If you serve a similar target market, trading blog posts is a great way to serve each other’s audience AND grow your network. It’s a win/win.

4.     Linkedin – Write them a recommendation. When giving someone a connection, make sure it’s a great combination of their work performance with a dash of their personality.

5.     Linkedin – Give them meaningful endorsements. Don’t just rely on what I call “Linkedin Endorsement Whack-a-Mole) but visit their profile and give endorsements based on what their tops skills are.

6.     Linkedin – Comment or share their status update. Linkedin, just like every other platform, can be a great relationship building tool. Add to the conversation.

7.     Linkedin – Comment on their Pulse article. Similar to a blog post, Pulse articles are a great way for an author to grow reach and influence. Acknowledge their efforts by reading and commenting on their article.

8.     Twitter – Retweet their content. If they content is relevant to your audience, share it!

9.     Twitter – Reply to their tweet. Twitter can be a great way to start or continue a conversation. Add to it!

10.Twitter – Mention them on Follow Friday (#FF). If you participate in follow Friday, share about some of your great connections, but take it one step further – share about WHY your connections should also follow them.

11.Twitter – Add them to a list. Lists are a great way to listen to and connect with specific people on Twitter. I have lists created for “people I adore”, “eWomen Fabulousness” etc. When you add someone to a list, they receive a notification and it’s an additional way to leverage your relationships.

12.Facebook – Comment on their Facebook Business Page. When you engage on their Facebook Business page, it SHOULD keep their content on your news feed, which makes it easier to continue to engage.

13.Facebook – Share content from their Facebook Business Page. This is a simple way to introduce your Facebook community to the other amazing people you know.

14.Facebook – Invite 5 friends to like their Facebook Business Page. What a huge service you can do for your connections, to personally invite others to like their page.

15.Facebook – Share a friends Facebook Business Page on YOUR timeline. When you share their page, also tell a personal story or provide a recommendation for WHY your friends might like their page.

16.Facebook – Write a Testimonial on their Facebook Business Page.

17.Facebook – Share an article on their timeline. If you find an article, video or other digital content your connection might enjoy, share it to their page to let them know you were thinking about them.

18. Facebook Live! Really, if you haven’t done this, try it. It’s an amazing way to connect with your audience and create conversation and community.

19.Pinterest – Create a board, “People You Should Know.” I have created a board like this. It is great acknowledgement of my peers, but it is also a nice boost for SEO.

20.Pinterest – Create a board, “Great Blogs”. If your connections have a blog you enjoy reading, include that blog on this board. Each pin can include a link and can directly connect to their blog post.

21.Pinterest – Create a board, “Books I Recommend”. Post a photo of the book with a link to Amazon where they directly buy the book if they are interested.

22.Write them an online review for their business. Do they use Yelp, Manta or another review platform? (You might have to ask them which site they prefer.)

23.Write them an Amazon Book Review (if applicable). When a book on Amazon has a certain number of book reviews, it means their book is more likely to come up in search. You writing a review for their book can be a huge boost!

You might notice that in all of these suggestions, nowhere do I discuss the like button, or using “favorites” on Twitter. Like never created or sustained a conversation. If you really want to have impact, take a moment to engage, to comment, to add to the relationship.

Stay tuned next week for part two – for the offline ideas!



I hear from business owners all the time they just aren’t sure what to post on Facebook today…or any day.

Either that or they claim they “don’t know” how to do social media. I remind them, sometimes over and over again that it isn’t about how to do, it’s about how to BE!

People want to do business with people. Humans want to connect with humans. Facebook is the perfect place to do that -  to share not just what you do, but who you are!

Knowing who you are, what your brand represents, and how you want to show up authentically and vulnerably (that’s an entirely different blog post, but stay tuned) that makes posting so much easier.

Recently, I ran a 21-day Content Prompt challenge in my Social Playground Facebook group. Each day, I would start by posting a word or two – and I invited members of that group to interpret that word however they saw fit and post about it on their business pages. The results were really remarkable. And, it wasn’t just about the content – it was about the activity.

I would love to invite you to come to the Social Playground! It’s a group about experimenting, seeing what works on social – and most of all, having fun!

And my second invitation would be this. Be you. Let people see the real you, the behind the scenes, the imperfect wonderful person you are. The people who are being themselves are the ones who are having the most effect on social.


Stay Social!

What does the Facebook Branded Content change mean for you?

Probably nothing!

Last week, I shared an article about Facebook changing their Branded Content policy. I wasn’t really sure at the time what that meant for you and me, but I thought it was worth sharing.

I did get some clarification over the weekend that I wanted to share with you.

1.Get your page verified.

Having a verified page has benefits including showing up better in search results. What is a bit frustrating about getting verified is there doesn’t appear to be one standard for verification. I was able to get it done with my phone number and a code. Others are asked to provide business documentation. I’ve also heard from a few people that they enter their phone number, get the code and then are told – by an automated voice – they are unable to get verified.

Here is how to do it!

  • Go to your Facebook Business Page
  • Edit the about section and select Business or Company (as the business type)
  • Click on Settings (top right)
  • Click on Page verification
  • Click edit
  • Click Verify the page


2.The official changes really only impact those pages with the blue verified check mark – primarily reserved for celebrities and public figures.



Question: As a page owner, will this change my ability to share great content from the pages I love?

Answer: No. It's just essentially adding a tool for people who are doing ads posts for a company. (Response from Facebook employee)


Question: Weren’t paid promotions always against Facebook Terms of Service.

Answer:  “That's the thing - it used to be against the policies, but because a lot of people were doing it, we thought we would build out a tool to make it a better experience for everyone.”


Question: Can you give me an example of who this is impacting and how?

Answer: If Danielle LaPorte is sharing about Marie Forleo’s B-School, (both have blue check verified pages) Marie – as the tagged individual will have more access to the analytics/results from what Danielle is posting. That is actually pretty cool!


I will be the first to admit, when I read that article last week, I panicked. If I also caused you a little angst, I am sorry for that.

What I know now is for those of us who aren’t blue check verified, it is pretty much Facebook business as usual.

We can all breath a collective sigh of relief – and continue to share great content from our business connections.

Carry on.