Social Media Solutions for the Entrepreneur 

I can teach you how

We can do it together

I can do it for you


Teach you how: 

Social Media Confidence Group Course - You are invited to join us for a small group program beginning May 2

- Identifying your Target market and where they spend their time

- Creating Champions and Advocates, and how to influence them

- Creating and Leveraging content

- The art of being human

- Secret tips and tricks

      AND so much more!

Social Media Confidence Course



Do it together: 

Social Media Superhero Yourself!

4 hours in person with 4 one hour follow up calls (3 month engagement)

 - Identify/Solidify target market, choose platforms, set up and training for each platform

- Creating list of Champions and Advocates, Plan for following, nurturing and engaging them.

- Map out content strategy, plan, create graphics, etc.

- Evaluate results, modify plan, etc.

- SHINE online!


BONUS - all SM Superheros also receive entrance into Confidence Course!


Social Media Superhero


I do it for you!

Coaches hire me as their community manager!


Instead of spending your time on social media, coaches gain the freedom to work with their clients, while their reputation continues being built with THEIR voice on the platforms we decide are best.

What does that look like?

- Create, curate and post 10-21 times per week on Facebook and Twitter

- Manage, monitor, respond as YOU

- Use YOUR Insights and analytics to help determine best times and content to post for YOUR audience

- Monitor your Facebook community 

- Monitor your Twitter community


Here's how this experience is uniquely tailored to you: 

1. To grow your community, you'll see a significant increase in how often I post on your behalf.

2. No third party posting apps will be used for posting to Facebook. The benefit to you is greater engagement and reach.

3. My clients experience greater than average reach - happy to share examples!


6 month minimum committment, $750 per month



We provide custom solutions and strategies that will help businesses create community, build relationships and ultimately make more money.



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